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Kenneth W. Packer

  Artist Kenneth W. Packer specializes in Bronze Sculpture, and pencil/pen sketches. He has been sculpting since 1999, when he sculpted "The Bishops Team", a companion piece for the painting, “The Bishops Team” by Boyd K Packer.  

Ken is a story teller in Bronze and each piece leaves the viewer with a story. The viewer can see this in such works as the “Pony Mail” which captures the panic of the rider as he races away from whatever is behind him, or in the piece “Bill and Ed” where you can feel the fatigue of each step felt by both the ox team and driver. 

Ken’s works tend to cover the subjects that he loves: cowboys, soldiers, pony express riders, animals and pioneers.  But he has had a few commission pieces that have broad his subject base. One such piece, “Sandcastles” captures the sweet scene of three boys as they work together to build their very own sandcast

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